My kids went outside for a Easter Hunt and asked why do we place most of the eggs in the grass? After this question, they started drawing pictures on paper and then building flowers. It took awhile to come to a final design, but in the end we created Treasure Sticks.

Treasure Sticks are durable plastic flowers that are sure to make your events magical and memorable. Instead of laying all of your treasures on the ground, use treasure sticks to hide your treasure behind the stick. For added fun, these flowers make great crafts, as they can be decorated with paint or markers. The tray separates from the flower so children have a flat surface to work on as they decorate.

Below is a list of ideas for your treasure sticks. If you are interested in bulk pricing please complete the Contact Us form for more information.

We appreciate your support of our new family business!

  • Easter – Use for holding Easter eggs or individually wrapped candies.
  • Gift Baskets – The flowers are great for decoration and can hold treats.
  • Weddings – Use for decoration.
  • Birthdays – Use for children birthday party games and decorations.
  • Bridal/Baby Showers – Use for decoration and/or as a part of shower games.
  • Halloween – If you want to ensure social distancing between visitors, add candy to the sticks and kids pick up the candy from the flowers.